Step 1


(1) Your mother language

(2) The language you are learning

(3) One out of 27 chapters (48 words each)

(4) Your level. Adult and Champions levels leave you with less time during the exam.

(5) The type of examination:

  • "Partial Exam" - for beginners

  • "Final Exam" - all 48 words


Step 2

Memorize the words listed on the screen. If you selected "Final Exams", use the arrow buttons to switch between screens.

Simulator: Use the simulator to check if you are ready for the examination. Use the SPACE bar to accelerate the display of new words.

Step 3

Examination: Translate the words. If your answer is wrong, the correct translation will be displayed. Please copy it. Poliglottus remembers the words you didn't know and will present them again and again until you'll know them. All errors are being collected - and will be presented again in a final round of questions.


You may define five different levels: Newborn, Kid, Teen, Adult and Champion.

The level determines the number of words which are included in the partial exams (6, 8, 12, 16, and 24, respectively).

In addition, the higher the level, the more points you can achive, but... Poliglottus will get increasingly inpatient.

The first three levels have 20 seconds to answer the questions, adult students have 9 seconds, and champions have 4. You should be reasonably familiar with your keyboard before selecting the Champions level.

Special Characters

Some languages use special characters, and some of these might not be available on your keyboard. In these cases, please memorize the numbers of the characters you need. You'll obtain them by pressing the ALT key and typing the corresponding numbers on your numpad.

: Alt 225
: Alt 133
: Alt 160
: Alt 161
: Alt 131
: Alt 132
: Alt 135
: Alt 128
: Alt 138
: Alt 130
: Alt 136
: Alt 137
: Alt 141
: Alt 140
: Alt 139
: Alt 164
: Alt 165
: Alt 149
: Alt 162
: Alt 147
: Alt 148
: Alt 0156
: Alt 0140
: Alt 151
: Alt 163
: Alt 150
: Alt 129

Save Study Results

At the end of each examination, Poliglottus gives you a vote which is based on the percentage of right answers and the time you needed to complete the exam. You may save these results (including chapter number, current day, percentage of correct answers) for future comparison. Comparing the results may be stimulating: If you work on the same chapter on various days, you clearly see the progress from one day to another.

To save your study results, you need to submit your email address, and we'll send you the Poliglottus access code. Please note that your personal information remains confidential and will not be sold, leased, or given to any third part.

If you don't remember your Poliglottus access code, you may request it at any time.

Important: If you don't want to save your results, don't. You don't need to register. At any time, you may use Poliglottus incognito and without any restrictions. However, if you don't save your results online, please note them on a sheet of paper. It is important for you to see the progress you make.

Check your Study Results

If you don't remember the URL of your Result Page, you may request it at any time.

Trouble Shooting

Some older versions of Internet Explorer might not work correctly.

Plase active Active Scripting (IE) or Java Script (Firefox).

When using the Opera browser, you might experience some unexpected behaviour of the program (i.e., interruption of the Exam Simulator, abrupt initiation of the examination). We therefore recommend to use Poliglottus with Firefox or the Internet Explorer.



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