Poliglottus is an interactive trainer for the basic 1300 words in five languages. There are three reasons why Poliglottus is so efficient:

(1) Poliglottus remembers your errors and insists until you know the words.
(2) By typing the words, you remember them better.
(3) Poliglottus makes you concentrate harder - you take advantage of your individual resources.

Poliglottus has been developed by Bernd Sebastian Kamps. Access to Poliglottus is free.



(1) Your mother language
(2) The language you are learning
(3) One out of 27 chapters (48 words each)
(4) The level
(5) The type of examination:

  • "Partial Exam" - for beginners
  • "Final Exam": all 48 words

  • After selecting the type of exam, three buttons will appear in the small window above:

    Memorize the words which are listed on the screen. This will take you between one and 10 minutes, depending on how familiar you are with the words. If you selected "Final Exams", use the arrow buttons to switch between screens.

    Simulator: Use the simulator to check if you are ready for the examination. Use the SPACE bar to accelerate the display of new words. If you notice that you are still having problems with some words, go back to "Memorize" before starting the exam.

    Examination: Translate the words and write them. If your answer is wrong, the correct translation will be displayed. Please copy it. Poliglottus remembers the words you didn't know and will present them again and again until you know them. In the meantime, all errors are being collected - and will be presented again in a final round of questions.

    At the end of each examination, Poliglottus will give you a vote which is based on the percentage of right answers and the time you needed to complete the exam. If you wish, you may save these results.

    At any time, you may delete previous results from your personal result page. In addition, you may choose to make your results public and make them visible for everyone at http://www.Poliglottus.com/results.php.

    Check the Help page for more information.